Earlier this week, I got a mass e-mail from a friend asking all of us to vote for one of her food blog recipes (which looks delicious, by the way) in a competition.  In the past, I have gladly voted for her blog and recipes, but in those cases, I did not have to add an app to my Facebook account or provide any personal information.  I would have gladly done so now, but voting required working through a Facebook app.

In the past, I have indicated that Facebook app developers can access demographic information; that is what helps make these apps and social networks so valuable.  However, is it worth divulging my personal information to some app developer to help my friend win a poll or contest?  In this case, I am not voting. 

While her friendship and her hobby that brings her much happiness are important to me, they are not worth more than safeguarding my personal information.  If her invite was for a cause that I cared about and for a trustworthy organization that did a lot of good, I might agree to add the app to my account so that I could participate.

I would not mind giving my name, e-mail address, and similar information to many organizations.  That is why it is important for such organizations to transparently collect such information even when it is through polls and contests, and this can help them explain their mission and value.

Having said that, I just don’t divulge my information to anyone – even if a friend issues such a request.

Feel free to chime in the comments about when you are willing to divulge your personal information online and when you are not.