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5 Easy Tricks to Boost Your Follower Growth on Twitter

So you want to be popular? Thought so. Well listen up, Elfie—I’ll make you my new project.

The first thing you need to know about follower growth is that it doesn’t happen over night. (I know, bummer.) The good news is that it will happen if you listen to this advice....

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Friday Afternoon Twitter Flush: Reviewing @tweepi @FriendOrFollow & @untweeps

Is your Twitter stream getting an little overwhelming? If so, or if your just looking to improve your @Klout score or kill some time on a rainy day, one thing to consider is purging your Twitter list of people you are following, but who for whatever reason are not following you back (shocking right?)....

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What’s up with that Twitter hashtag on your Fox TV show?

During last Friday’s episode of the Fox sci-fi show Fringe titled “Lysergic Acid Diethylamide,” Walter, Peter, Broyles, and Bellivia were tripping on LSD.  I almost thought  that I was tripping when I saw “#Fringe” just above the logo of Fox 5 (WTTG – the DC affiliate) in the lower right hand side of the screen (different affiliate logo pictured below)....

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This Week on Twitter: #Countdown, #WhatsNextDC, #SOTU

Considering the rush of major news stories this past weekend and today, we have created several new instances of Slurp140 to track breaking news:

1. Keith Olbermann abruptly ends “Countdown” and leaves MSNBC: Twitter Stats:

Total # of Tweets on Jan 21st: 13,771
Highest # of Tweets / Hour: 6,451 on January 21st
Cumulative Total # of Tweets: 34,956
Total # of People: 17,327

Whether or not you are a fan of the show or agree with his politics,...

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Winning the U.S. Senate Social Media Election- CA, IL, NV, WA, WV Edition

Since our 2006 report on the quality and content of campaign websites, we have seen a marked improvement across the board in sites that incorporate multimedia content, personal fundraising, the Spanish language, and of course, candidate presences on social networking websites. With the 2010 midterm elections just a week away,...

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