Is your Twitter stream getting an little overwhelming? If so, or if your just looking to improve your @Klout score or kill some time on a rainy day, one thing to consider is purging your Twitter list of people you are following, but who for whatever reason are not following you back (shocking right?).

As using for this would be very tedious, several developers have created applications that you can link to your account to automate this task. While this is by no means an exhaustive list, a couple of our favorite tools include:


imageFree, easy to use interface that allows you to display all the users who are not following your account as well anyone not following you back.

Includes stats about users such  such as their  # of follows, how long ago their last Tweet was sent, total number of tweets and Klout score. You can also sort you list of follower / non-followers by these metrics.  In addition tweepi allows you to preview profiles and follow / follow en bulk. By far the best tool I have found so far.

Friend or Follow


While this does have an option to export a CSV file of users your following or who are not following you back as well as an option to filter verified from non-verified accounts, when I tested it the hover-over feature in which it displays details about a user’s profile and allows you to un-follow was not working. However, if you are looking to quickly and simply to screen people to follow back this tool works very well.


imageWhile unTweeps does not have the additional features that Tweepi and Friend or Follow do, I keep it bookmarked just in case these other services start charging. While somewhat useful for flushing stale followers, it lacks the ability to sort users and only displays a list of people who have not sent an update in a given number of days. Not sure why you would want or need their paid option which allows you to use the service more than 3 times per month.

Others: TwUnfollow is something I recall having used in the past, but as of this writing their site is experiencing issues and was currently down. Anything else you have seen or used?