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The Official YouTube Creator’s Playbook

Although this clocks in at 70 slides,  if you only read and apply the first 30 slides your YouTube channel will be better than most. Indeed rather than producing something overly complex with tons of fancy buzzwords YouTube has put together a fairly concise (and free) outline of how to best utilize the platform....

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Winning the U.S. Senate Social Media Election- CA, IL, NV, WA, WV Edition

Since our 2006 report on the quality and content of campaign websites, we have seen a marked improvement across the board in sites that incorporate multimedia content, personal fundraising, the Spanish language, and of course, candidate presences on social networking websites. With the 2010 midterm elections just a week away,...

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Commenting on a Conference? Blog it? No, YouTube it.

I spent some time today going through a random selection of the videos of presentations, tweets and blog commentary about the Personal Democracy Forum conference held last week in New York City.  Sort of goes from the insightful to the inane to the downright snarky.  Kind of expected.  But then I happen upon a little nugget,...

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Road Rage on YouTube?

I'm sure that there are some videos on YouTube of people driving angrily, and there are probably some of people who are angry about their drive.  In fact, I'm betting that more of the later will appear on the site soon.

The cash strapped Northern Virginia Transportation Authority (NVTA) —...

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