Although this clocks in at 70 slides,  if you only read and apply the first 30 slides your YouTube channel will be better than most. Indeed rather than producing something overly complex with tons of fancy buzzwords YouTube has put together a fairly concise (and free) outline of how to best utilize the platform. So will this put amateur YouTube ‘mavens’ ‘evangelists’ and other ‘ninjas’ out of business? Perhaps we can only hope, but as General Patton said, having proper instruction (or orders) is only worth 10%:

“The remaining 90 percent consists in assuring proper and vigorous execution of the order.”

While most of the suggestions here are indeed relatively straightforward, if you have not tried to set up annotations or design a custom background before, it is advisable to at least set up a testing account before making modifications to your organization’s official channel. Sometimes it can also be hard for subject matter experts in their own fields to take a step back and think about how their target audience, and the general public at large views their content. In this respect, retaining the services of qualified advisors can help in adding perspective.