Found the “Results of the first European Survey on Weblogs in Public Relations and Communication Management” by Philip Young, Ansgar Zerfass and Swaran Sandhu (Jan 2006). You can dowload it here. (It’s the link under “Results.”) Not sure whether the 500 or so respondents being self-selected makes the survey scientifically representative, but the ‘findings’ are rather interesting.

Good news: Most know about blogs; 68% either read, add comments or write their own blog. Those who don’t have a blog, some 42% plan to have one within the year. Nearly one-third don’t want to create one. Reasons? No clear idea what to do with one, can’t come up with enough blog content, worry about comments and feedback, and don’t have the time or budget. (I know, it’s work to blog.)
But here’s the best slide:

So what does this say? Says that European bloggers want an easy and cheap way to be hip (early adopters) and popular. (I guess if it were Americans, it’d be guys looking for a date). They also want to be able to connect directly with their audiences. Like politicians? The real business reasons for blogging; not that important.
Curious to do a similar survey in the States — may be very similar, maybe not.