For someone who loves to squirrel away nuggets of information (everything from ornithology to celebrity news), Google Notebooks has provided a great tool to all of us. I have created a number of new notebooks since yesterday (one for each client, plus one solely dedicated to recipes involving easy-to-prepare rice dishes and cake recipes that consist of stacking Hostess Ding Dongs on top of each other). After years of surfing the net, I am still delighted by the things I find on the web and usually just emailed links to myself. 

With Gmail, I could easily search through my mail for links. But with Google Notebook, I no longer need to excavate my email for links to things I vaguely remember, or to bother Todd or Alex for a URL they mentioned six months ago. If I find something interesting that I want to copy and paste, I can simply click on the little notebook icon located in the corner of my browser and a mini-version of the Google notebook I want will show up.

gn21.jpg  —>   GN3.jpg  =TERRIFIC!

This is a truly useful tool for those of us who work online most of the time and must  funnel research and analysis to ourselves, our clients and our team members on a daily basis. I would even argue that it’s necessary for the serious researcher who is constantly wading through websites and electronic articles kept on databases. With a quick cut and paste, one can grab any number of tidbits off the web and organize them easily, by subject and section.

Google has clearly created another winner.