Along with it’s list of 50 People Who Matter Now, Business 2.0 has also released its list of 10 People Who Don’t Matter.

The former corporate A-listers include:

  • Steve Ballmer, CEO Microsoft
  • Jeffrey Citron, Chairman & Chief Strategist, Vonage
  • Reed Hastings, CEO Netfix
  • Ken Kutaragi, President, Sony Computer Entertainment
  • Warren Lieberfarb, Senior Consultant, HD-DVD Promotion Group
  • Rob Malda,
  • Arun Sarin, CEO, Vodafone
  • Jon Schwartz, CEO, Sun Microsystems
  • Linus Torvalds, Creator, Linux
  • Mark Zuckerberg, Founder, Facebook

Business 2.0 editors said that this list was composed of, “people whose power had peaked, whose influence had waned, or whose true importance we felt was overstated.” 

Here’s to the hope that those executive perks help ease the sting of having the media inform you (and everyone else in the world) that you don’t really matter.