Podcasting is about creating audio or video content for an audience that wants to listen or watch when they want, where they want, and how they want.

There are now several podcasting tools designed to make podcasting hassle-free and one of the more promising sites is Evoca.

Evoca makes podcasting easier than ever by allowing users to upload an audio file of a previously recorded content or more interestingly in my opinion, record a live phone interview from which a podcast can be created and hosted on the Evoca site.

The way this works is that users need to sign up for an account on Evoca.

By setting up the account, you will be provided with a phone number that you can dial into to begin recording your podcast.

This would work exactly like a conference call, with the added bonus of having your conversation recorded.

Once you are finished recording and hang up, the file will be automatically added to your Evoca account.

Evoca also provides you with the necessary HTML code to place a link to the podcast directly on your website.

You will also be provided with a URL to your own RSS feed, which will allow users to subscribe to future podcasts.

Transcriptions can also be provided and are charged based on the length of the recording in minutes. There are 2 types of transcriptions available:

  • Executive summary ($0.80 per minute)
  • Word-for-word transcription ($0.60 per minute)

Transcriptions can be purchased and added to the website after each podcast.

Cost for Evoca are minimal. There are two types of accounts.

  • Free Account – Allows you up to 100 minutes of recording.
  • Professional Account – 500 minutes of recording for $4.99 per month.