We talk a lot on this blog about the “best of” things….the best of blogs, the best campaign websites, the best uses for Google…but what we rarely talk about is the worst of things.

CNET did a piece last month about the worst tech of the second quarter of 2006. This review hits all the major categories of popular technology, and even talks about the “worst new sport”, Segwey Polo. The commentary is definitely worth reading. My favorite part is CNET’s description of the feeling you get when you take pictures with a Kodak Easy Share Camera: “Hey, Mom, check out these pics I took of Blobby McSmear. Oh wait, that’s my newborn baby. And I almost caught a UFO on camera, but I missed it because it took eight seconds for my camera to start up. And here’s a picture of me crying uncontrollably while rocking back and forth in the fetal position because of this camera.”

And while you’re on CNET, check out the Top 10 Tech-Related YouTube Videos.  Here youseriesoftubes.gif can find Senator Ted Stevens’ speech to the Senate Commerce Committee on his “The Internet is a Series of Tubes” theory, a pair of kids who are a little overly excited when they get a Nintendo-64 from Santa Claus one Christmas morning, and yes, even a flashback from 1981 about the possibility of computers “the size of a book” developing by 1990…go figure.