According to a Reuters article, the 1,753 residents of the farming village of Hansdehar have chosen to connect to the world via the Internet, in hopes that the Indian government might take notice of the poor condition of their infrastructure. From a link on,  Internet users can see pictures of the villagedadakhera.jpg, read profiles of the residents,  learn about the specifics of the infrastructure problems of Hansdehar.

The website was the brainchild of Kanwal Singh, a former web developer for the Chandigarh government. His mother's house will be the set up for the first Internet station in the village. Once the connection has been established, the Internet will enable residents to seek out opportunities they would not have otherwise known existed.

 A number of residents already know what they would like to do on the Internet. Here's a sample:

  • Get better prices for their crops by trading on the National Commodity & Derivatives Exchange
  • Publish an academic paper on mathematical theory and philosophy
  • Find a marriage partner
  • Apply to college
  • Unite with other rural villages that have been ignored by the government.