buffalo_bill_logo_200.jpg“Yes, America, the Buffalo Bills are back, like the neighbors who won't leave, like the horror movie villains who die but keep returning to terrorize Metropolis…” – Rocky Mountain News, January 26, 1994.

It was almost 13 years ago, and I was only 15 years old back then, but the memories of those four Superbowl losses still pain me.  I usually keep those depressing images tucked deep down in my long-term memory, suppressed so that I do not have to live with the anguish on a daily basis.  Unfortunately, a colleague of mine drew my attention to the Google News Archive recently, and the urge to review the past of my beloved team was too strong to ignore.  

I ask you – what did this urge for a nostalgic stroll through the past get me?  A reopened wound, with salt thrown on it for good measure.  A missed last minute field goal.  An embarrassing blowout loss.  A national call for my team to stop mucking up the Superbowl for everyone else in the country.  Alas, a tear emerged from the corner of my eye, and a little bit of my soul rolled down my cheek.

In all seriousness, the Google News Archive is an incredible window on the past that provides a broad view of events as they unfolded, from different regions and varying perspectives.  I think that it will be a tremendous tool for students doing research for school papers, people trying to gain a better perspective on the events and reporting styles and biases of the past, and saps like me that want a trip down memory lane.  It is unfortunate (but understandable) that most of the content I found on the site required payment to view the whole article (a couple of bucks in most cases). The titles and brief summaries still paint a pretty good picture at least.  

Regardless, it is definitely worth checking out.  Just be careful what searches you conduct.  You may find yourself reliving something from the past that you may or may not want to re-experience.  

With a young, inconsistent quarterback like Losman at the helm, it may be quite some time before I get to watch my Bills lose another Superbowl.  Or even a playoff game.