Women's Foundation

This morning our client and philanthropic partner, Washington Area Women's Foundation, launched a redesigned version of their website, thewomensfoundation.org.  The Women's Foundation works in the Washington, DC metropolitan area to better the lives of women and girls through community outreach, education, and grants.  The Women's Foundation is a fantastic organization that contributes an immense amount to communities of struggling women in the Washingon, DC area. 

We worked hard to get the site ready in advance of the Women's Foundation's annual Leadership Luncheon, which was held today.  We are hopeful that the new website helps the Women's Foundation connect with kindrid spirits out there on the web and in the blogosphere. 

Some notables about the new Washington Area Women's Foundation site:

  • The Women's Foundation is blogging!  We think this is extremely exciting.  Several members of the Foundation will be writing blog entries on a regular basis, discussing the news, philanthropy, and women's issues.  We encourage everyone to check out the blog and comment on some of their recent entries.  We are hoping a real conversation takes place on this blog.  Here's their first entry.
  • We built the entire site in WordPress.  This enables members of the Women's Foundation to update all text content easily and quickly when they need to, in addition to having all the latest blogging bells and whistles are their disposable.
  • The site includes a searchable database of the Foundation's grantee partners, which allows volunteers and contributors to search through the various organizations that have received Women's Foundation help in the past for volunteer and internship opportunities, as well as for opportunities for funding and contributions.
  • The site successfully brings to the forefront the highly personal and emotional stories of those that The Women's Foundation has helped, and also those people on the Foundation's staff who enable the organization to operate on a daily basis.

Best of luck to the Women's Foundation with their new Web program!  And be sure to check our their blog, as they really want to participate in the discussion online.