While perusing through Facebook today I learned about a new conservative website — MajorityAP.com, The Majority Accountability Project — that is slated to go live on April 23rd.  It aims to track the Democrats in the House of Representatives and hold them accountable for their actions.  Hill veterans and site co-founders Mike Brady and Mike Giuliani will cover and present investigative reporting on, according to the Facebook group description, "house votes, campaign financing, district activities, policy positions and public statements" that would otherwise not gain mainstream media attention.

As we have noted a few times recently here on The Bivings Report, the Democrats have dominated the Internet and that Republicans should counter their digital presence.  Interestingly, that's a major motivation for Brady and Giuliani to launch The Majority Accountability Project.  In a press release on David All's blog (and during their YouTube video site introduction), Brady explains that:

Last year, and even now, dozens of organizations, blogs and internet-based groups were engaged in comprehensive research on the Republican House majority – poring over legislation, travel vouchers, FEC statements, and financial disclosures – quickly disseminating that information throughout the nation and, quite often, driving a great deal of the mainstream media coverage. We think this majority needs that same level of scrutiny. 

Apparently, Brady and Giuliani hope to help spearhead the conservatives' counterstrike. 

It is interesting to note that research fleshed out on the Internet attracts the news media's attention, and for the most part Democrats have benefited from this development since their activists are productive and energized.  If Brady and Giuliani hope that their site counters sites like Daily Kos and The Huffington Post, they better actively build a community around The Majority Accountability Project and allow bloggers and other on-line content creators to freely and easily link, cite, use, and reference findings published on the site.  This will allow the Project's influence to grow as people spread its findings throughout their Internet networks.  Further, some on-line advertising is contemporaneously cheaply achieved.

The one thing that baffles me about this project is the name; will Brady and Giuliani change the name to "The Minority Accountability Project" when the Republicans regain control of the House?  Or do feel that Democrats aren't worth attention when they're in the minority?