You know those text ads on the right hand side of Google search result pages?  I wonder who is trying to cash in the 2008 US Presidential race.  Back in February Michael Bassik over at techPresident did an investigation into which 2008 Presidential candidates had purchased text-ads.  I've decided to take a brief look at any site buying ads for searches for candidate names.

Let's see who is trying to cash in on the Democrats.  Click here for the Republicans.

Read below for the ads that I found, but here's a few general trends I found:

For simplicity's sake, I am using the Washington Post's candidate list and only focusing on the ads that show up when I search for the candidate with the spelling from WaPo.  The ads are listed in they appear.


Joe Biden

  • Joe Biden Videos from YouTube
    • Links to Biden's profile page — just like other YouTube text ads.  Also note that Biden uses YouTube on his site
  • Joe Biden for President from
    • Anyone want a Joe Biden bumper sticker or tote bag?
  • Your Vote Counts from
    • A non-profit and non-partisan site that is trying to get youth to vote in the 2004 election.  Aren't we passed that already?
  • President Joe Biden from
    • Redirected to CafePress — the place where every cause can peddle its own swag.  I think we'll see this site a lot.

Hillary Rodham Clinton

Chris Dodd

  • Chris Dodd from Comedy Central
    • This links to a video of Dodd's interview on The Daily Show.  It must have been a heck of an interview if the hip comedy channel is touting it…

John Edwards

Al Gore

Mike Gravel

  • Mike Gravel 2008 Gear from
    • The CafePress clone is back.  Why can't politicians hold a monopoly on their campaign swag?
  • Mike Gravel for President from
    • This site proudly peddles only 100% union and American made wares.

Dennis Kucinich

Barack Obama

  • Obama Barack from YouTube
    • YouTube is really trying to bank in on the race and the sometimes candid candidate videos it has.  The fact that its owned by Google makes it easy for it to advertise here.
  • Meet Barack Obama Live from
    • Wow!  This is the first official campaign site I've seen so far.  Very wise move, especially as it links to a page asking for contact information.
  • "Barack Obama Exposed" from
    • A conservative site takes on Obama. This is another interesting advertising move. 
  • Barack Obama in 2008 from
    • Get a button that says "[Your
      state] for Obama'08."  2500 are only $599.95.  What a deal!

Bill Richardson

Granted, the ads display are constantly in flux based upon keyword popularity, a site's relevance to the keyword, time of day, etc., but this analysis gives us an idea of who is trying to bank in on the candidates. If a candidate isn't listed, there were no ads under their name.