I took a look at who is buying Google text ads for searches for Democratic contenders in the 2008 presidential election.  Let's now look at the Republicans.

Read below for the ads that I found.  Here's a few general trends I found:

  • Unlike the Democrats, some lower tier candidates had several ads comparable to the front runners.  See Sam Brownback and Mike Huckabee.
  • It seems like Republican searches have more advertisers — Giuliani and Romney.
  • YouTube ads are not as prevalent with Republicans.  This is probably because less GOP contenders have made deals with the site than Democrats.
  • The only two candidates I've seen buying ads for searches for opponents' names are Republican — Giuliani and McCain.

For simplicity's sake, I am using the Washington Post's candidate list and only focusing on the ads that show up when I search for the candidate with the spelling from WaPo.  The ads are listed in they appear.


Sam Brownback

  • JoinRudy2008 from joinrudy2008.com
    • Rudy Giuliani is trying to cannibalize is opponents.  Politics… don't you just you love it? 
  • Sam Brownback 2008 Gear from Zazzle.com
    • We saw this Cafe Press clone a couple times with the Democrats.
  • Your Vote Counts from DeclareYourself.com
    • We've also seen this youth oriented site that is, of this posting, still interested in 2004.

Jim Gilmore

  • James Gilmore: Speaking from EaglesTalent.com
    • Umm… wrong Jim.  However, you can $20,000 in speaker fees for a chit chat with the Jim who isn't running for prexy.

Newt Gangrich

  • Draft Newt '08 from DraftNewt.org
    • He's not running yet, but some want him to.
  • Winning the Future – Free from ConservativeBookClub.com
    • False advertising!  The book isn't free; you have to join to get the book for "free."
  • Newt for President from wewantnewt.com
    • "We want" seems less militant than "Draft."
  • Newt Gingrich from DeclareYourself.com
    • All these voting information sites are sure betting that Gingrich will run…
  • Watch Newt Gingrich from GenerationEngage.com
    • This site thinks young hipsters will want to watch him.
  • Newt Gingrich Newsletter from WinningTheFuture.net
    • Advertising Gingrich's book makes more cents sense than betting he'll run.

Rudy Giuliani

Chuck Hagel

  • Chuck Hagel for 2008? from GenerationEngage.org
    • Finally, an instance when a site is explicit that it is unsure if someone who is undeclared is running or not. 

Mike Huckabee

  • JoinRudy2008 from joinrudy2008.com
    • Cool!  John McCain isn't the only smart brat to buy ads for someone else's name.
  • Mike Huckabee from DeclareYourself.com
    • No more attempts at snide remarks about this site.
  • 2008 Voting Guide from HumanEvents.com
    • This guide is for GOP contenders; I wonder if this conservative organization has one about the Democrats.
  • Mike Huckabee 2008 Gear from Zazzle.com
    • These Zazzle ads are no long bedazzling to me.

Duncan Hunter

John McCain

  • John McCain for President from JohnMcCain.com
    • At least somebody hopes to woo people who search for their name.
  • JoinRudy2008 from joinrudy2008.com
    • Fight!  These two like to advertise with other candidates' names.
  • Your Vote Counts from DeclareYourself.com
  • John McCain Interview from comedycentra.com
    • McCain joked that when he was in Iraq he bought Jon Stewart an IED to go under this anchor desk…

George Pataki

Ron Paul

Mitt Romney

Tom Tancredo

  • 2008 Voting Guide from HumanEvents.com
    • Let's hope that illegal immigrants didn't contribute to the publishing of this guide.

Fred Thompson

  • Fred Thompson Store 2008 from OfficialThompsonStore.com
    • Thompson is not behind this site, but at least Cafe Press and Zazzle aren't daring enough to claim that they're "official."
  • Fred Thompson 2008 from grassrootsvoter.com
    • The grass roots are routing for a Thompson run.

Granted, the ads display are constantly in flux based upon keyword popularity, a site's relevance to the keyword, time of day, etc., but this analysis gives us an idea of who is trying to bank in on the candidates. If a candidate isn't listed, there were no ads under their name.