Many of the major American presidential candidates have MySpace profiles, and I think that is a great way to connect with the younger and/or tech savvy crowd.  Below is a snarky list of reasons why politicians should join social networks like MySpace.  I don't mean to discourage the candidates from using the site, but these are issues that any campaign must consider. 

1. NBC looks there for stories

NBC's Dateline probably frequents MySpace looking for adults trying to befriend youngsters for its popular "To A Catch Predator" shows.  Political candidates always want press time.

2. You can come across as accepting

It shouldn't matter how risqué a "friend's" profile picture looks; a president should accept everyone for who they are.

3. MySpace makes it easy to look good 

Since the common MySpace page templates are so horribly designed, it is really easy to have a better than average looking profile page.

4. It's easy to come across as more dignified than you really are  

Some people create profiles to masquerade as dignified individuals.  Don't political candidates do this in real life?

5. Get moral support

I was going trying to find some "gangsta" message written in texting language on a candidate's profile page comment section, but after visiting several candidate profiles it seems like most of the comments are substantive and well written.  OMG!

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