Is BBC News going platform agnostic?

The British journalism trade publication Press Gazette reports that BBC reporter Ben Hammersley will report through several social networks from four cities in Turkey in the two weeks prior to the country's general elections in July.  He'll also appear on BBC World, the World Service, News 24, and BBC News Online during this time. (Hat tip: Kevin Anderson)

Hammersley's work is part of the Beeb's effort to fulfill its 15 web principles that it published in February.  The fifth states: "Treat the entire web as a creative canvas: don’t restrict your creativity to your own site."

Richard Sambrook, director of BBC Global News, says, "This is an experiment to look at how a series of international reports can be spread through social media sites and hopefully reach new audiences."

Here's where Hammersley will likely file reports:

Let's see how he reports.  The Washington Post's Howard Kurtz has an interesting approach; he pasted one of his column in a series of wall posts on his Facebook profile…