ObamaGirl supposedly has a crush on — wait for it — Barack Obama, and she has created a music video professing her love for him with lyrics like, "You're into border security…let's break this border between you and me…Universal health care reform…it makes me warm" (Hat tip: TechPresident).

I'm sure that Obama is blushing since ObamaGirl is hot and as part of the Barely Political website, she's one of "America's New Poll Dancers."  Catch the pun?

Of course, he might also blush since it is rather satirical, but at the same time I think he should thank her for her choice of men — whether her crush is true or not — since the music video is unsurprisingly popular on YouTube.  Further, it is getting some major mainstream media coverage like ABC News; journalists seem hungry for interesting stories from the Internet. 

Since we work with public relations professionals here at The Bivings Group we understand that a mention in the press can help a company better than an advertisement since organizations have to pay for them.  In this case, the Obama camp should appreciate how this clever person is getting Obama's name in the press a lot.  It's great exposure.

Granted, not every piece of potential voter generated content will yield positive results for a candidate, but we'll see if the positive will outweigh the negative effects in 08.