The Bivings group is jumping on the ActionScript 3.0 bandwagon, and our clients are coming along for the ride, apparently it's a fast one…

This language is pretty new to everyone and we want to be a pioneer in creating more dynamic and smoother apps for our clients using this awesome new language. ActionScript lends us the power to create animated and interactive content programatically, thus reducing the footprint of our projects and resulting in more stable and reliable applications.

There are many ways to do the same things in flash. Part of being creative in flash is not only about how you visually design the elements in your application, but how efficient you are, in other words, how small you can make the file size. Following is an example of what I am talking about. The file on the left was done using ActionScript and the file on the right was faked using motion tweens, As you can see the left one much smaller in file size, it is also smoother and more responsive. The ActionScript version is 4kb and the tween version is 12kb… that's 3x smaller, cool.

  actionscript.gif        tween.gif

Also, this little fact stood out the most in a sea of specs and Adobe documentation. "ActionScript 3.0 code can execute up to ten times faster than legacy ActionScript code!" And faster is better when it comes to loading!