Overnight, FoxBusiness.com launched to preview Rupert Murdoch's long awaited answer to CNBC — the Fox Business Network, which launches in two weeks.  The site is in promo phase and looks nice. 

It claims to have blogs for each featured on-air personality, but I'm not sure if that is the case.  I don't see any place for site visitors to comment, link to an individual post, or subscribe to RSS feeds. 

Granted, I don't want to claim the right to define blogs as a feature that require easy access to individual post links, commenting, and RSS feeds, but those seem very common features. Further, I understand that while the site is in its promo stage, and the site may not want to enable these features yet.  Most blog CMS products enable users to control these features at the post level. 

However, right now the "blogs" are just a place for the on-air talent to introduce themselves in their own voices.  Site visitors, on the other hand, cannot easily provide feedback, link to, or subscribe to them.  Hopefully, the blogs will get these features soon.

What do think are the standard features of a blog?  Do features define this term or not?