As someone who works in search marketing a little, I usually completely ignore advertisements on the Internet.  However, while using my Yahoo! e-mail account yesterday, I noticed a rather interesting ad for the new CBS show Viva Laughlin (the network's apparent answer to NBC's Las Vegas…).

Beyond its normal animation that catches the eye, the ad gave me the ability to add the show times of the show's entire first season to my Yahoo! calendar with a button at the very bottom, which means that I can set up reminders of each episode. 

I don't know how long Yahoo! or other sites have offered such options to their users and advertisers, but who wouldn't want such a robust feature?

Appointment viewing — with reminders — is a network executive's dream.

 I must admit that at first this adding the show schedule to my calendar gimmick struck me as slightly vexing.  However, I probably would've loved to have this option for one of my favorite TV shows — Alias

What are some of the most robust features of Internet ads you have seen?

Update (October 29, 2007): CBS canceled the show after two episodes and four days since its premier.  However, that doesn't mean that these Yahoo! ads aren't interesting.