I really enjoy using Facebook as it allows me to connect and remain connected with friends and associates, but there are so many ways that I could use it to better my life and that of others.  Here are five things I would like to do through Facebook in 2008 to better harness its power:

1. Actually catch up with old friends

I have friended heaps of friends on Facebook whom I've done nothing with other than skim their profiles in the last several years.  If they are truly my friends, I should try to get caught up with their lives.  What are they are up to?  Do they still like to (fill in the blank)? Etc.

2. Do something meaningful through a group

Most groups on Facebook aren't very productive.  I just join, and my membership in that group says something about me.  While I have posted a photo or a message on a group page, that's about all I've done.  My membership in a group — not all, but some — should result in productive action.

3. Help someone because I noticed something on their profile

From time to time a friend of mine will say that they're sad, overwhelmed, sick, etc. through their status.  I should take that as a cue to at the very to give them a call to offer support if I know them well enough.

4. Get acquainted with my "Facebook Friends"

Yes, I do have some friends on Facebook that I've never talked to or meet in person or over the phone.  Either they randomly friended me or we were involved in some other project but didn't directly interact.  I should get to know them so that I can feel better about appearing on their friend lists.  Besides they might be really cool.

5. Introduce people to each other

With the wealth of information that people put on their Facebook profiles, I can easily see where friends of mine who don't know each other share common interests.  While other times one friend will mention a job opening at their company when another friend of mine needs a job.  Why not introduce them via Facebook?  I'll have to think about the matchmaker role…