Is it just me or has Facebook just dropped "is" from its standard status update formula? 

Until today a user was forced to mold their status updates to follow the format "Steve is [custom text]."  Of course, some people's updates didn't make sense with the "is" — whether this was intentional or just from the common lack of concern for grammar on the Internet. 

However, now it appears that you can use whatever verb you want.  Well, at least for me right now.  Maybe I'm special…

If so, I'm not the only one.  Tom Phillips of reports that this change has rolled out for UK users.  In fact, he refers to a Facebook group titled "Campaign to lose the mandatory 'is' from status updates!" with, as of its posting, has 66,678 members.  Apparently, it has achieved its objective; the group's description states: "***WOOHOO! LOOKS LIKE THE BOTHERSOME IS HAS BEEN BANISHED!***"

Perhaps I should update my status to state: "Steve is wonderings if this is a big deal."