For awhile now CNN has used its iReport campaign to collect viewer generated media that it uses in its newscasts and on its web site.  While this content doesn’t always pass the muster of professional standards, TV news does have use for raw footage and images.  Regardless of the quality of submissions, CNN clearly has had success with this initiative. 

cnnireport Today CNN launched, which it purchased the URL in January for around $750,000, to collect and highlight all the content submitted to CNN.  Unlike in the past where only some (likely, a small percentage) of submissions made it to air or online, this new site will feature all iReport content.  Of course, when visiting the site you’ll notice that submissions used on CNN or its web site are featured. 

The site also other features that enhance the iReport experience and fosters a sense of community.  Each user (iReporter) has a profile in which site visitors can learn more about them, choose to track their submissions and activity on the site, and send private messages to them.  Beyond this visitors can sort submissions by what CNN has used, highest rated by site members, most comments, most recently submitted, etc.

The site is still in its beta stage, but it’ll be interesting to see how it evolves.

Hat tip: Mediabistro’s TVNewser