Last night I got an e-mail about a new site named from Fox Television Stations.  It has culled many live video feeds and presents them in one place so that people can easily find what's going on throughout the country and the world.

The e-mail pitched the site as an interesting way to observe TV coverage of Super Tuesday, which involved over 20 states having their Democratic and Republican primaries or caucuses for the 2008 Presidential Election yesterday.  Why watch national television, when you can watch coverage from a local perspective?

As I visited the site to write this post today, there is a woman who is manning a live news feed that starts when one visits the site.  She monitored and highlighted local coverage of the bad winter weather in the midwest.  Thus, she calls attention to feeds with interesting footage coming in.

This seems like an interesting site.  While there are many sites out there that enable people to access video feeds from around the web, the fact that this site has a live "anchor" calling visitors' attention to certain feeds is interesting.  What do you think?