Combining aspects of things that people already enjoy is one of the best ways to make an impression on a market without having to be completely original or creative.  For the past couple of months, there has been a surge of such activity in the form of ‘angry' video game reviews.  These reviews combine aspects of life that many males (and some females) enjoy, including ranting, nostalgia, cheap Photo shopping, and dirty humor.  Taken together, these form a "review" of a classic video game.  The reviews have the taste level of an episode of Family Guy, but also have the marketability, as well.

The trend started with the Angry Video Game Nerd, a reviewer whose language would make your grandfather blush, but whose insights and rants are laughably hilarious.  After gaining some popularity in the Youtube community, the reviewer was offered to host his videos on the popular Screw Attack website, furthering his visibility and credo.  Soon, t-shirts and advertisements followed, and the Angry Video Game Nerd's part-time job became a full-time career.

With that sort of viral marketing success, copycats were destined to follow.  Two of these homagers have risen above the ranks to full blown success in their own rights.  The Irate Gamer, for example, knew that he wanted to achieve fame.  Lacking a college education, but possessing fine editing and writing skills, he gained popularity even quicker than the Angry Video Game Nerd and soon released DVDs of his videos, as well as other merchandising.  Like his successor, he became attached to a popular video game website (the fledging, but growing, Gott Game) and the advertising and salary started to roll in.

Another success story is Noah Antwiler, or "Spoony" as he is better known to his website readers.  Writing both movie and video game reviews, this snarky bard does so for the sake of his own amusement as well as furthering his writing credentials and popularity started in his column in Knights of the Dinner Table Magazine.  Had I heard of this magazine beforehand? No, but thanks to Antwiler and video game rants, I am now very aware.  I can only imagine how many other products and publications have been brought into the light thanks to angry video game reviews.

In this sort of viral genre, there are far more mediocre mimics of the original formula than success stories, but that does not stop more users on Youtube from pitching their coal into the fire of reviewing.   Type "NES game review" in the search engine, and you will be surprised at what you will find.  A year ago, this search would have only garnered a few hits, but now, the number is gigantic.

Advertisers are finding more and more of these popular video bloggers to whom to attach their wares.  Reminiscent of the classic "American Dream," these bloggers and reviewers are nothing more than creative and witty video editors, but they have amassed Internet popularity, and in some cases, money. 

I wonder if anyone has reviewed Bucky O'Hare yet…I hated that game.  To Youtube!