Social networking giant Facebook is teaming up with Paramount Pictures to let users download thousand of clips from the filmmaker’s archives.

The VooZoo application, which launched Monday, was developed by FanRocket. The idea is to let individuals re-live some of their favorite scenes and moments from any Paramount film. Clips last anywhere from a few seconds to several minutes.

Viacom, Paramount Pictures’ parent company, plans to market DVDs through the new tool.

Though FanRocket aims to garner a few hundred thousand users within the first few months, Paramount hasn’t set any revenue goals to its end.

The application features a double-pane window on top – the left side shows the clips you’ve added yourself. On the right, you’ll find a display of your history, with ‘Featured VooHoos,’ or featured clips, just underneath.


Clicking ‘Info’ on any given clip will enlarge the thumbnail and give the user all the relevant options and information they would want, including the movie name and clip title, featured actors and dialogue. You can also send the clip to a friend, post it on your Facebook profile, or of course, buy the DVD.


Below and to the left FanRocket provides a convenient search field which I found to return fairly accurate results. Below the ever-valuable search option lies the VooHoo ‘Vault,’ where all the magic happens. The ‘Vault’ is essentially the VooHoo video library, where clips from Grease to Zoolander and many titles in between can be found.


The ‘Movies’ tab is a simple listing of films (as opposed to films plus clips), and the results tab displays search returns.


Overall the tool is simple and easy to navigate. The picture quality of video streams could be slightly smoother, but overall FanRocket did fine.