If there is one underrated holiday out there, it's definitely April Fool's Day.  Don't get me wrong; the holiday receives a decent amount of attention.  Every year the public hears about one joke or hoax that really got some people good, but typically the day goes by without much of a nod.  I have always made it my personal duty to prank at least one person on this day.  After all, it's my patriotic duty.  Today, instead of helping myself, I am going to help anyone who reads this prank his or her friend, housemate, coworker, or spouse.

For some inspiration, check out this website for a list of the ‘ten' best pranks to ever take place.  Some of them are quite impressive, and I hope that somewhere there are pictures of the folks' surprised faces.  Keep in mind that some pranks are over the top and can go awry, such as the ones listed here.  A true prankster knows when hold ‘em and when to fold ‘em. (Note from author: It's best to ‘fold' when the cops become involved.)

Once the works of others have inspired you, it is time to pull the rug out from beneath someone in your life.  If you are a more timid prankster, you can simply send one of these hilarious email cards.  These are best saved for that friend of yours whom you know to check email at work or in class.  His scream or laughter alone will produce enough embarrassment to subdue your salivating prank glands.

Feeling a little more daring?  Click on the April Fool Zone for a listing of some harmless yet hilarious jokes for all the different people in your life.  The best thing about this website is that the jokes are listed categorically, in order to help you pinpoint exactly who needs to receive which joke.  My personal choice for gags involving coworkers or fellow students has to be computer related ones.  No one likes you to mess with their computer (especially Mac fanboys; they can get feisty), but these pranks are sure to be crowd-pleasers.  And for those Mac fanboys, here are some bonus pranks for them as well.

Free Wii?  April Fool!  I couldn't find a Wii for you if I wanted to, but according to recent news, the Wii shortage might be ending soon (this is not an April Fool joke, apparently).  Happy April Fool's Day from the Bivings Report!