Today the Newseum , Washington's museum about the news, is officially opening to the public. 

I was able to visit the museum a few weeks ago since a friend of mine is a volunteer there, and many things interested me about it.  One of the most prominent thoughts that I walked away with was although the museum mainly focuses on newspapers and TV news, it devoted what I consider a surprising amount of attention to new media. 

There are exhibits that explored the heated debate about whether how blogging can fit into journalism and vice versa.  In fact, I walked out with the impression that — at least in the eyes of the Newseum — some blogging is solid journalism. 

Of course, personalities like the original Wonkette, Ana Marie Cox herself, and Matt Drudge were featured.  Further a major focus of the Bloomberg Internet, TV and Radio Gallery is how the Internet has affected journalism.

Unsurprisingly, many major news organizations are ogling over a museum devoted to glorify their business, and hopefully, its emphasis on new media will help alleviate some of the resistance of some journalists and organizations to the burgeoning importance of new media — from blogging to podcasts to flash presentations.