Before I write the rest of this slightly snarky blog post, let me preface it by saying that I am 100% pro-environment.  After all, the environment is where I keep the majority of my stuff, such as my house, car, and cat.  I would like to keep the environment as is, and I applaud ‘green' programs that aim to protect/restore/embiggen the earth.  However, I also believe that the majority of these programs are doing so simply for PR.  Call me a cynic, but it's true.  "Going Green" makes your company seem more family friendly and nicer in an otherwise cold, dark world of business.  In an attempt to rid myself of this pessimistic view, I scoured the Internet for five examples of companies or organizations that truly seemed to harbor an honest spirit of environmentalism.  In no particular order, here is a list of them:

1. Carrotmob – this newly formed organization "organizes consumers to make purchases that reward those companies who make environmentally friendly choices."  That is a quote from the official website, and the idea behind the organization is a simple and clean one (pun intended).  They organize consumers to purchase products from a participating store on the same date.  They effectively create a giant ‘mob' of consumers on one given day.  In turn, the store promises to use part of this great excess of revenue to implement greener solutions to their store.  It's a great idea, although the results have been less than stunning.  In one article, a store admits that they only had enough extra money after the mob hit to buy spirally light bulbs and not an entirely new refrigeration system, which was the goal.  Still, it's a good cause and worth checking out to see if a mob is headed your way soon.

2. Whole Foods Market – slowly but surely this grocery store has amassed quite a following.  It is rare that I can venture into the one near my office and not be trampled by murders of free sample-snatching crows.  One thing always struck me as odd, however; the store primarily used plastic bags.  The company has taken a step in the right direction, and one by one the individual stores have done away with plastic bags.  Now I don't have to feel guilty when I buy my $5 half-pound of feta cheese stuffed olives.

3. The Detroit Auto Show – this is the show every year where car manufacturers and designers show off their latest great ideas and inventions.  This year's theme was practically ‘Let's Go Green, Y'all.'  Numerous hybrids and non-gasoline designs were shown off.  The biggest green technology, though, was the green tech found in gasoline and diesel powered cars.  Let's face facts: gas is here to stay for a while.  It's great that we are trying to improve on something that already works in addition to finding replacements.

4. Earth Hour – I'm a big fan of simple things I can do to feel better about myself save the environment.  This organization challenges everyone to turn off his or her household lights during the same hour on the same day, once a year.  They give impressive calculations as to how much would be saved if the entire world participated.  The site also gives ideas for what families can do to celebrate the day instead of it being a one-hour burden.  This year's date just passed, but they have already started planning for the next one.

5. The CW Network – this fledgling television network began less than two years ago with the marriage of UPN and The WB.  So far it's been a match made in 7th Heaven, as the one network has been more successful than its previous halves.  One of the very first things that the network did was jump on the green bandwagon.  At first, I thought it was just a gimmick to gain viewership, but the website tells a different story.  It contains a surprisingly large amount of helpful hints and video dedicated to ways to ‘go green.'  Somehow the kids from Gossip Girl took time out of their busy angst schedule to support the cause via web cam and blogging.  Recent cycles of Top Model and episodes of One Tree Hill have focused on green issues.  From what I have read, the network intends on keeping this campaign on of their main focuses.  Good for them, and more importantly, good for the planet.

Also of note, I was correct in my previous post about the quickly approaching debut of the Microsoft Surface.  Time to trade in your laptop for a big table.