In light of the ongoing UEFA Euro 2008 football (yes, I mean soccer) tournament – which I must say has been pretty average apart from the Turkey/Czech Republic thriller last weekend – yet another social networking site was launched. The niche? You guessed it, soccer. Or football, or futbol, or footy, whichever you’d like (we aim to please).  So what better time to launch than now? Perhaps the World Cup would be ideal, but I doubt that’s worth pushing the launch back two years. So the site is, and it’s still in its beta infancy. Footbo is intuitive enough and easy to sift through. It’s simple and has all of the fun, logical features a fan would want. It allows you to prominently advertise the logos and photos of your favorite teams and players . You can also grade players and create a ‘Top 11,’ basically a make-believe starting lineup comprised of your favorite players. You can even pick a favorite formation if you don’t fancy the default 4-4-2. And if you can’t find one of your favorite footballers – perhaps he plays for a smaller club – simply add a player to the database yourself. Of course, it also has all of your run-of-the-mill social network features, like friends lists, groups, wall postings, etc. It's also not a bad place to find the latest news, live scores, and league and tournament information. There's even a prediction section where you can pit your footy knowledge and intuition against other members. Footbo has the world, not just Europe, more than adequately covered with club and national teams, players, and league information from the Americas, Africa, and Asia as well. Footbo is also available in Spanish and German. The full beta version will be out in August.