Twitter is a micro-blogging platform that allows users to communicate with one another through short, concise, messages of no more than 140 characters. Part of the attraction of Twitter is its immediacy, which makes it ideal for sharing articles and breaking news.  Given the news focus, it is no surprise a journalists have taken to the tool, as evidenced by this list of media people on Twitter.   Given our interest in Twitter and journalism, we here at The Bivings report have come up with a list of our top five favorite media twitterers, based on the number of people following, the number of times the user updates, and content.

5. Michael Arrington sticks to the facts on his Twitter account,  @techcrunch.   Subscribers to his account are updated with the latest headlines coming in from Techcrunch.

4. Justin Pontin, editor-in-chief of Technology Review gives readers and insight into not only the latest tech news but also his life from his account, @jason_pontin. Reading his tweets you get a sense of what is like balancing publishing a magazine with the trials of being a new parent.

3. Marc Ambinder, a writer for The Atlantic Monthly. provides the latest news and rumors off the campaign trail on his page @marcambinder. The one draw back to Ambinder’s insightful posts is the site’s ugly blue backdrop.

2. People probably know Brian Stelter as the head blogger for The New York Times TV Coder blog. S telter’s twitter account at @brianstelter gives readers the benefit of both his timely articles and the latest happenings in the media.

1. What makes a great Twitter user is a mix of fact, personality and a touch of what is happening in the rumor mill. This is exactly what John A. Byrne, editor-in-chief of Business Week, does with his account, @Johnabyrne. While it’s still only followed by a small amount of people this talented writer is becoming an equally talented twitterer.

The number of journalist using twitter to spread news instantly is growing. It seems now more then ever journalists are starting to learn just how much of a virtue brevity is.