In looking over our data for this year's Newspaper Report due out later on this month it’s easy to see American newspaper studies are in dire straights. With subscription rates falling and more people getting their news online newspapers have had to revamp their old business model. No American newspaper seems to be taking a more proactive attitude towards the threat of the web then The New York Times. Just yesterday The New York Times launched the Beta version of what they are calling The New York Times Extra. This view allows users to browse related articles and blogs from outside news sources (see below). While it may not sound like much  this represents a huge change for a site that just a year ago charged users $50 a year to access parts of their site. New York Times extra comes on the heels of a Facebook push by the Times, an ad campaign that came under some criticism in the blogosphere. While the Internet may still give newspaper industries pause, it’s good to see some embracing the options for content, access, and ads that the Internet has to offer.