clip_image001Utilizing Digg can be one of the best ways to generate large amounts of traffic to your site or blog, however, before you start getting your hands dirty remember, regardless what social media application you use, the biggest thing you can bring to the table is value.

This applies to Digg.

Social news sites, like Digg, are a long-term investment not a quick solution. Building a following on any social media application can take some time and requires dedication and a little patience.

That being said, one of the greatest strengths of social news sites like Digg is their longevity and the opportunity available for a lot of exposure.

When you Digg something, it stays on Digg, unless it gets buried (see the value thing I was talking about). You never know who may come across your submission and decide to Digg it. They may share that article with their friends, who in turn my start Digging it.

You can see the potential for long-term growth.

If you are new to Digg, here are some tips to get you started.

  1. Network and make friends – Friend Digg users who post links that match your interests.
  2. Friend Digg users who submit links that match your own interests.
  3. Make yourself stand out by choosing a strong avatar.
  4. Don’t regurgitate other people’s content – doing this can put you in danger of being banned.
  5. Use a good title and description with your submissions– grab the reader’s attention.
  6. Be sure to leave a comment on the articles you Digg.
  7. Just as you share your submissions with friends, be sure to Digg links they share with you.
  8. Don’t spam your keywords – Digg members will see right through this and bury your links.
  9. Try Digging upcoming stories or articles with only a few digs – other Diggers will appreciate this and it helps get you noticed.
  10. Subscribe to Digg’s RSS Feed – this will help you keep tabs on what the Digg community is interested in.

Remember Digg is a community. Bring value to the Digg community by sharing interesting news and you’ll begin to see your submissions start popping up on the front page.

What suggestions would you add to this list?