This morning when I was getting ready for work, I had the Today show on.  During the show they did a segment on dealing with the current tough economic climate.  

I was struck by one of the tips that Jean Chatzy, a financial guru, gave.  When it comes to job hunting, Chatzy urged everyone to join both Facebook and LinkedIn since she claims that every headhunter is searching those sites.  While I can definitely see why she recommends LinkedIn, the Facebook shout out surprised me.  

Facebook is primarily for social – not professional – purposes.  Granted, people do use Facebook for to network for their career needs, but if I were a headhunter, I would devote most of my time to a job targeted site like LinkedIn.  However, I guess Facebook is worth some time as well.

Also, most of the news reports I hear about Facebook are about how account holders get into trouble.  Most of the warnings are about what people place on their profiles.  The picture of you drunk at party over the weekend does not really help you maintain the model employee image.  Another concern is when a friend writes a PG-13 or higher rated comment on your profile.  Needless to say this is one of the few times I have heard that using this site is helpful to one's job hunting efforts.  The layout of LinkedIn, however, restricts the chances of "unprofessional" material appearing on one's profile.

While I am not disagreeing with Chatzy about Facebook, I just found it interesting that she would recommend Facebook as a way to get another job.  Does anyone have a story of getting a job through Facebook?

Update: BusinessWeek wonders "Is Twitter the Next Monster?"