Those of us familiar with rat race involved in nabbing a coveted internship at a well-known news organization know all too well the pressure of stacking your best clips, skills and assets against a sea of competitors.

Those who do get through are usually more than grateful to be working for that news organization for free, but the Huffington Post has changed the game by asking people to bid on and pay for a two-to-three month internship.

"Jumpstart Your Career in the Blogsphere With An Eye Opening Internship at The Huffington Post in New York or Washington," the ad for the internship reads. "Includes: a two-three month internship at The Huffington Post in NYC or D.C. Must be at least 18 years old. NYC is the main office and D.C. is the political office. Winner can choose which location they would like."

The bidding, through CharityBuzz, is currently at $13,000. HuffPo donated the internship, and all proceeds will go to the Robert F. Kennedy Center for Justice and Human Rights.

The auction has been met with some outrage from members of the media.

“You do the work, and you pay them,” said Colleen McCain Nelson of “In the midst of an avalanche of bad news about traditional media, this may be the most disheartening development I’ve encountered.”

Bloggers at MediaBistro’s FishbowlNY ask, “Will the buyer actually work for HuffPo or will someone with deep pockets gift it to a lucky relative or friend?”

A spokesperson for HuffPo said they’re participating because “it’s a good cause,” according to

Bidding will be open until May 28, and the next minimum bid is at $15,500.