I’m not sure why Twitter makes it difficult to manage followers within their own site, but fortunately there are several 3rd party options available. I’ve been playing around with these applications, and a lot are a waste of time in my opinion.

However, the ones below, are the few that I found to be useful and that actually work.



Highly recommended application. Once you get it working, it is a great tool. Loading time for your unprocessed followers can take awhile. After that, it’s pretty straight forward. You simply go through your list and with the big arrow buttons, choose if you want follow or ignore people.


Friend or Follow

I found this useful app to have a shorter loading time than tweepler.  It shows you a visual grid of your friends, fans, and followers. My only complaint is that I wasn’t able to find a way to manage followers internally within the tool.



If you can get past the neon Skittle colors, this is probably one of the best applications to use. It covers  managing followers, people not following you, and soon recent unfollowers.Navigation is simple and everything can be managed within the site. Plus it lets you bulk follow or unfollow. This app get’s my approval for the simple fact that it warns you when Twitter is experiencing database issues.


My Tweeple

I can do without all the glitter and glam, just give me something that works. My Tweeple does just that. Great tool, built by Shannon Whitely. It’s straight forward and easy to use. You are limited to 100 API per hour, so be sure to manage effectively.  You can choose to view followers, who you follow, or a list that contains both. You can also export these lists into Excel.

So what’s missing from this list? What tool would you recommend?