Non-profits and political advocacy groups, while some of the most people-powered and well-supported organizations around, are not necessarily known for being early adopters of web-based tools. Although they are based in interaction with people and causes, the true driving force of organizations such as these always has been and always will be their ability to fundraise. So now that the internet has fully changed the way everyday people communicate, interact and represent themselves, how can it change the way organizations raise funds for causes people actually care about? New media advocates say social media should be a two-way street: content from the organization itself, and input from their users. Now, however, a third avenue of use for social media is opening: Connection between non-profit groups, the people supporting them, and the donations providing their bread and butter. In this space in upcoming weeks, the Bivings Report will offer a comprehensive look at how social media and the changing online landscape can impact the fundraising process. With installments focused on the use of different social media platforms, online fundraising web-sites and what your organization’s use of these could be, we here at the Bivings Report hope to offer an in-depth look at how the next step in the internet can give your organization a leg up when it comes to raising money.