Among many new developments, last week’s Gov 2.0 Summit here in Washington, DC  served as a perfect platform with  to use our new and improved SLURP140 tool, which tracked the influence, activity, and topics discussed on Twitter throughout the duration of the the conference. This two-day seminar sponsored by O'Reilly Media brought together decision makers from the public and private sectors to discuss the notions of open government and the power of the internet in citizens' lives.
Through the use of SLURP140 (powered by ImpactWatch), The Bivings Report was able to track the hourly usage and cumulative twitter traffic of the conference. Likewise, we identified the most active users as Douglas Black (@dlblack), Alex Howard (@digiphile), the Government 2.0 Correspondent for O'Reilly Radar, and Nahum Gershon (@nahumg).

Overall, we tracked 9,064 specific tweets by 2,498 people.

Below is some of the analysis that we were able to draw from the Gov 2.0 Summit using SLURP140:

 twitter usage
If you missed the conference are interested in seeing some PowerPoint presentations from the movers and shakers in Government 2.0 arena-  Click this link to find your favorite panelists and watch them present.
From an informal survey of other event attendees, the presentations by FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski “Reimagining for the 21st Century Consumer,”  the Sunlight Foundation Executive Director Ellen Miller’s “Open Government Scorecard” and General Keith Alexander of the National Security Agencies’ presentation on “U:.S. Cybersecurity Policy, Strategy and U.S. Cybercom,” all received high praise and a lot of twitter traffic from everyone we spoke too. 

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To see all of the taped presentations and speeches on the Gov 2.0 Summit, check out or their YouTube Channel.

If you're interested in seeing pictures from the event – the Flickr gallery can be found here.