(this is part 1 of a 2 part BivingsReport Debate on the merits of Google TV)

Argument #1: The new tv platform from Google has the power to legitimately revolutionize the way we watch TV. Unlike AppleTV, Google and its platforms have effectively permeated most facets of technological life in this country. With the proliferation of the Android phone operating system, the the Android market – Google set itself up to begin market domination in the entertainment sphere aside from just our mobile phones. Thanks to ease of use and the fact that many of us have already outsourced most of our data storage function to Gmail/Google Aps, the company’s foray into delivering us a well-made TV programming portal is likely to be successful (at least among early adopters).  It is for these reasons as well as the ones listed below that I am exceptionally excited about the GoogleTV entertainment platform.

The features we’re pumped about:

  • Using an Android-based phone as a remote control. Finally provides a solution to losing your remote in the couch cushions – because you can always call yourself to find the remote.
  • It’s open source. At the Bivings Report, we are huge fans of open source development platforms (ie Drupal)
  • The App market looks great. If its growth mirrors the current Droid market in any way, consumers will be in for an interactive treat in terms of breath and quality of applications.
  • Chrome browser to surf the web and Adobe Flash to see dynamic content.
  • It’s better than AppleTV



Google TV on Logitech Revue

Video Content

iTunes, Netflix, YouTube

Netflix, Amazon VoD, YouTube, NBA Game Time, Blip.tv, VEVO
Flash nope
Recording nope
Apps not currently
Non-video Content Flickr

Pandora, Napster

(chart content is from Cult of Mac)

Imagine- soon we’ll be able to Google Search for TV shows, update our twitter accounts, and instantly stream Netflix right to our tv.