As most of the east coast is bracing for another snow-pocalypse / thunde-snow / sleet mess this evening we want to highlight the efforts of some of our local governments use new media tools to communicate with the public. While everyone knows that @CoryBooker is the king of Twitter when it comes to local elected officials and snow removal,  what happens when Mr. Booker is no longer mayor? In this respect we think the focus should be on best practices for local communities to carryon regardless of whose in charge at the moment.

Of course, if you have an example or know of a good local resource please let us know!

In Washington D.C.

DC Department of Transportation:

DDOT Twitter: @DDOTDC and Facebook

D.C. Department of Public Works

DPW’s Twitter: @DCDPW and Facebook


The Virginia Department of Transportation @VADOT actually has Twitter accounts for each region of the state as well as major highways!

Northern VA: @511northernva

Fairfax County
Twitter  @fairfaxcounty and Facebook 

Arlington County
Twitter:  @arlingtonva and Facebook


State Highway Administration: Twitter @MDSHA and RSS Feeds.

I was unable to locate and MD state government Facebook resources listed on their website.

Montgomery County
Looking over the country’s  desperately in need of a re-design website, I couldn’t find any link to or mention of Twitter of Facebook accounts, which is silly to say the least. From searching Twitter I did find @montgomerycomd but strictly speaking, who knows if that’s really official? They do however have a decent online map.

Prince George’s County
Another hideous website, but at least it has social media links front and center.  However it takes 3 more clicks to actually get off site. What’s going on Maryland?

Prince Georges Twitter: @PrinceGeorgesMD and  Facebook