From the morning shows to Google News, to taking over 3/ 5 spots on somercards, it’s been tough to miss Mr. Sheen’s presence this week. Although the buzz was strong yesterday, since Mr. Sheen @CharlieSheen himself joined Twitter and started conversing with @iamdiddy and others, the volume has really taken off.

Although we jumped on the bandwagon a little late, just in the last two days Slurp140 has tracked over 170,082 Tweets by 111,267 people relating to @CharlieSheen OR #charliesheen, #tigerblood

When we first started testing Slurp140, we started out by tracking tweets related to Justin Bieber to determine what kind of load and volume we could comfortably expect.  So far not only has Charlie Sheen surpassed Justin Bieber, he has also generated more volume than the President’s State of the Union Address (113,227 Tweets by 56,166 people)

SLURP 140- @CharlieSheen

The volume has been so intense that my new favorite website: livethesheendream which compiled a list of his interview quotes has been down all afternoon.

Right now we have Slurp140 set to refresh every 20 seconds or so, and hope to have the leaderboard functionality returned soon:

While there has been plenty of commentary about how this is a distraction from serious news and what not, some organizations like the Red Cross have taken advantage of the trending topic #tigerblood to get their message out to a new audience.

RedCross Charlie Sheen Tigerblood

Caught any creative or humorous takes on the situation (besides the cliché PR advise)?