Social fundraising is on the rise and these 5 sites are a great place to get your feet wet:

crowdrise1. Crowdrise

About: “Crowdrise is about giving back, raising tons of money for charity and having the most fun in the world while doing it. Crowdrise is way more fun than anything else aside from being all nervous about trying to kiss a girl for the first time and her not saying something like ‘you’ve got to be kidding me.’”

Pricing: Free accounts with no monthly charge and 5% + $2.50 transaction fee

stayclassy2. Stay Classy

About: “StayClassy is an on-demand social fundraising solution for Nonprofit organizations. Our web-based platform allows Nonprofits to receive online donations, organize fundraising events & campaigns, manage donors across social media, and access our real-time reporting and analytics engine. ”

Pricing: Freemium accounts have no monthly charge and 4% + $0.99 per donation ticket

firstgiving3. First Giving

About: “We partner with nonprofit organizations to allow them to plan, execute, and measure successful online fundraising campaigns. For individual fundraisers, we aim to make the process simple, effective, and even fun! Above all, we want nonprofit and fundraisers alike to meet and exceed their goals of raising money for important causes, building awareness, and expanding the world of giving.”

Pricing: No monthly charge, 5% First Giving fee and 2.5% transaction fee

razoo4. Razoo

About: “Razoo is a movement of people who want to make generosity a part of everyday life. Generosity is win-win. Not only does it make the world a better place, it also makes us happy and fulfilled – especially when we give to the people and causes we care about most.”

Pricing: No monthly fees and a flat 2.9% charge per transaction


5. Causes

About: “Causes is the world’s largest platform for activism and philanthropy. We empower individuals to create grassroots communities called “causes” that take action on behalf of a specific issue or nonprofit organization. Since our founding in 2007, Causes has brought together”

Pricing: No monthly fees and a flat 4.75% charge per transaction through Network for Good