Here at the Brick Factory, we understand that competition for donor dollars is fierce in this economy. Having worked with many nonprofit and political organizations we know you have to be creative for your fundraising to have an impact.

Giving eCards is a new product that provides organizations with a creative and cost-effective way to raise money online. An eCard is a personalized image and message that an organization’s supporters can send to their friends and family. Giving eCards allows supporters to send a custom eCard through the site while making a donation to your organization in someone’s name.

How it works from an organizational perspective:

  1. Organizations sign up for a free account on When signing up, the organization reserves a custom URL for their Giving eCards page.
  2. Once the account is created, organizations upload their custom designed eCards to their account. eCards can be categorized dynamically, allowing for sets of cards to be created for common occasions such as birthdays, New Year’s, graduation, etc.
  3. Once the eCards are uploaded, the organization promotes their eCard page to their supporter base via email, social media, website links, etc.
  4. As supporters donate and send cards on behalf of friends and family, the money is automatically deposited into the Paypal account of the organization. Giving eCards takes 5% of the amount raised on top of Paypal’s fees.
  5. Organizations can access and export all donor information from their Giving eCards control panel at any time.

This Christmas, give your supporters a great gift idea and grow your organization at the same time with Giving eCards.