Being a part of The Brick Factory team is quite a prestigious nod, it is a tough gig to get; I should know, I am the newest member of this wonderfully, technologically savvy crew. My journey to this desk came with its fair share of hurdles. One interview, two interviews, the days waiting for the call that I had been chosen, but in the end I not only received the position but also a warm welcome as I pulled up a chair to my new work station.

I have now been with The Brick Factory for about three months and believe I have made myself right at home. I have worked with USAgainstAlzheimer’s, Melcrum, Panthera,  and Podesta. I have truly enjoyed getting to know everyone at my office as well as the wonderful clients that work with The Brick Factory. I thought this might be a good time to make my full introduction.

My background in marketing, entrepreneurship and publishing, allows me to take a unique approach to managing a client’s digital strategies. With emphasis on campaign management, creative marketing techniques and on-point writing styles, I have an eye for tailoring a project to engage current readers, potential clients and prospective contributors to establish the proper intersection between the needs of the client and the follow-through of the audience.

I moved to DC following a nearly eight year stint in Nashville where I earned a B.B.A with a concentration in Entrepreneurship from Belmont University. In my spare time I enjoy writing, reading, and spending time with my wonderful husband and two rambunctious puppies.

While my experience getting to The Brick Factory was quite normal, a few interviews, a job offer, and a start date, the same cannot be said for the following young interviewees. Perhaps this is a new trend that I happened to luckily sneak out of, or maybe these are just some hiring managers with a twisted sense of humor, or lastly perhaps this is a true test of a potential hire’s character. Whatever the case might be, I am beyond thankful that the crew here at The Brick Factory did not put me through this torture – not yet anyway.

What do you think, could you get this job?