These are unprecedented times. Millions of people are staying at home. Left with little alternative, people have had to get creative to connect with the people they care about and to do the things they love. 

Almost overnight, Zoom went from being a tool for businesses to something your Grandma was using. All of a sudden, millions of people are comfortable with – and eager for – video chat, livestreams, and more.

Organizations – brands and nonprofits alike – are also facing unprecedented circumstances: how best to connect with supporters when everyone is at home. Six months ago, a livestream or a virtual town hall was an outlier. Today, it’s an opportunity. While folks remain at home, video is the closest thing we have to in-person connections. Additionally, the barrier to entry has changed as more and more people become comfortable with these technologies.

You may have heard recently about the animal sanctuary that will bring a farm animal to your next boring zoom meeting. But that’s just one example of how organizations are getting creative in the new normal. Here are a few of our favorites from both our clients and organizations we follow.

Concerts from Instagram Live

You may not know Moog. But if you know a musician, they certainly do. Moog is one of the leading synthesizer companies in the world – a favorite of professional musicians. We are also proud to say they are a Brick Factory client. 

Several times a week, Moog is using Instagram live to stream concerts from prominent musicians and producers. Moog is creating a venue for people from all over the world to connect over something they love. And, at the same time, they are highlighting the versatility of their products.

Click here to learn more about our work with Moog.

Live Youth Programming on YouTube

American Ballet Theater is arguably the leading ballet company in the United States. To keep both their performers and audiences safe, their upcoming season was cancelled. But ABT’s dancers have funneled their creative energy into the company’s YouTube channel. ABT has posted videos of the company performing from home and livestreamed a variety of ballet classes.

The real standouts on the channel are their youth ballet classes – aimed at dancers from age 2 through age 8. When parents are struggling to entertain their children and keep them busy, these classes must be a relief.

Meditative Livestreams on Facebook

With so much uncertainty in the world, people are feeling anxious and stressed. We are all looking for a way to breathe easier. Monterey Bay Aquarium is tapping into that need. Everyday, they are posting livestreams of some of their exhibits. Our favorite is the deep ocean tank – the spa-like music and curtain of bubbles is nothing short of soothing.

The Aquarium has taken these livestreams to the next level with clever ocean puns, interviews with Aquarium staff, and by adding donation buttons to their posts.

Creative Zoom Backgrounds

African Parks is a nonprofit, Brick Factory client that manages 17 national parks in 11 African countries. They protect a number of vulnerable species within the parks: gorillas, elephants, lions, and more. As you might imagine, over the years, African Parks has developed strong relationships with the photographers who come to document the wildlife.

To celebrate Earth Day, African Parks released six custom Zoom backgrounds featuring some of the most beloved species and landscapes in their parks. These backgrounds feature powerful photography – they allow supporters to showcase their love of wildlife, while building awareness of African Parks.

Learn more about our work with African Parks here.

Virtual Town Halls

Right now, people are hungry for information. Especially, people who are part of high risk populations. Our client, UsAgainstAlzheimer’s, is a nonprofit that supports people with Alzheimer’s and their caregivers. As most people with Alzheimer’s are older, coronavirus is especially concerning to their audience.

In order to support their audience, UsAgainstAlzheimer’s hosted a virtual town hall with leading doctors over Zoom. Attendees had the opportunity to submit questions for the doctors ahead of time.

Click here to see our work with UsAgainstAlzheimer’s.

About the Author
Katie Fulton
Katie Fulton is Director of Account Management and Marketing at Brick Factory. She works with a diverse roster of nonprofits and has extensive experience in content creation, email marketing, and digital advertising. She also won an episode of Jeopardy!