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Viral Videos: More Mainstream Media Buzz

I wrote a post a few weeks ago about how viral videos aren’t really a new trend.  In Time Magazine’s current issue, they have a long story exploring the history of viral videos and explaining their recent explosion.  More interestingly, they rank their ten favorite viral videos of all time. ...

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San Francisco Chronicle: Populist news sites give readers what they want

There is a good article in today’s San Francisco Chronicle on social news sites like Digg and Memeorandum. The article provides a good overview of this growing space....

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Politicians Spotted on MySpace

I got an email from a colleague pointing me to the MySpace page of Allan Lichtman, a Democrat running for the open U.S. Senate seat in Maryland. This is the first politican I’ve seen with a MySpace profile, although I haven’t looked that hard. With 250,000 new users signing up every day and 66 million total users,...

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Mainstream Media Vs. Digg

I have a bit of an Alexa problem. I spend a bit more time than is healthy analyzing the reach of website A compared to website B. The result is cheap posts, but I’m going to do one more before I swear off the practice. So here we go:

(1) Of newspaper websites,...

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RSS and Ajax about to go Mainstream

According to new Microsoft employee Niall Kennedy, Microsoft’s Ajaxy new website,, will serve as the default homepage for users of Internet Explorer 7 and the Windows Vista operating system. Kennedy says that hundreds of millions of computer users around the world will visit when they load up their new version of IE for the first time....

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