Is it a Good Idea to Advertise on LinkedIn?

Should your company advertise on LinkedIn?

The social network boasts a largely professional user base, and is functions vary gratefully from its distant cousin Facebook.However,

Much like Facebook – LinkedIn Direct Ads allow you to target specific demographics (age groups, gender, location). They also allow you to upload a company logo or otherwise relevant picture to accompany your ad....

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The London Times’ Pay Wall and Future Impacts on Online Publishing

The London Times is one of the first major global newspapers to begin implementing an internet pay wall for access to its news and editorial content. This bold move by Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp is part of an overall strategy to move toward a paid online content distribution system,...

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Tricking Your Customers with Interstitial Ads

Like them or not, interstitial ads, which are advertisements that appear before visitors arrive at the expected site content, have become a part of our day-to-day web browsing experience.  I personally don’t mind interstitial ads all that much, as I’ve gotten used to them and have gotten pretty good at locating the skip button as a way of quickly getting to the content I’m actually looking for....

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The Magic Is In the Makeup

In the world of website and graphic design, image is everything, and with it, the art accompanying the project just as significant. While businesses frequently face the challenge of finding images that appropriately represent their organizations and/or services, it is not to say that success will be found 100% of the time....

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Some Facts about the Internet

This is a great video that throws out random facts about how the Internet and technology are changing our lives.  A couple to whet your appetite:

  • The average America teen sends out 2,272 text messages each month.
  • There are 240,000,000 televisions in the United States. 
  • ...
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