Barack Obama and the Rare Double Splash Page

I was doing some work on Google and did a quick search for Barack Obama. I wanted to go to his main campaign site, so I clicked on the ad that shows up as the first result. I often find just typing search phrases in Google quicker than trying to type in a URL or sort through where I have the site bookmarked....

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Gamespot and Full Page Background Ads

One thing I’m noticing more and more is media websites running advertisements as background images on their websites. Above is an example from Gamespot. If you click on the image above you’ll see the page in all its widescreen glory. It is a pretty spectacular ad. I’ve seen similar ads on entertainment sites like TV Guide and the Superficial and think we’ll see more like this the future....

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CondéNet is cashing in on Facebook

Mike Shields of MediaWeek reports that CondéNet, the Internet arm of magazine publisher CondéNast, has aggressively used Facebook applications.

The article mentions that in June the company acquired the "What Are You Wearing?" application, which CondéNet executives claim that about 1,000 users are joining each day the over 90,000 others who are revealing their wardrobe on Facebook. ...

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Yahoo! Ads Help with Appointment Viewing

As someone who works in search marketing a little, I usually completely ignore advertisements on the Internet.  However, while using my Yahoo! e-mail account yesterday, I noticed a rather interesting ad for the new CBS show Viva Laughlin (the network's apparent answer to NBC's Las Vegas…).

Beyond its normal animation that catches the eye, the ad gave me the ability to add the show times of the show's entire first season to my Yahoo!...

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Presidential Text Ads

Many people are buzzing about how snazzy 2008 presidential campaign sites are with their slick designs, multimedia content, and social networking tools, but how many campaigns are taking advantage of Internet text ads?

Awhile ago I took a snapshot at who are buying Google text ads for searches for both democrats and republicans presidential candidates and found that only Rudy Giuliani, John McCain,...

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